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Free Travel e-Magazine Reaches 40,000th Subscriber

Company Gives Away Three Free* Vacation Packages Each Week

Elkhart, IN - February 19, 2007 –, a leading, content-rich travel portal, today announced the monumental success of its new, free travel e-magazine. In its first month, the publication’s opt-in subscriber list reached 40,000.

Reviews praise the new electronic publication as “a refreshing trip around the globe”, “a welcome reprieve from the everyday grind”, “a perfect companion for my Tuesday morning mocha grande” and “the hippest, most exciting read I’ve found in years!” The Vasrue Travel e-magazine gives readers exclusive travel articles, news, travel tips and ideas each and every Tuesday.


Subscribers also gain the opportunity to enter exclusive vacation package give-aways to the destination of their choice. The company awards three free* travel packages each and every week to lucky entrants, with even more winners announced during special holiday months. The company gave away an astounding 27 Valentine vacations in February 2007 alone. (Please note: Recipients are responsible for some airfare, processing fees, applicable taxes and port charges. Only one entry allowed per week and one free trip every 90 days.)

One subscriber wrote: “That's one cool site! Very educational articles, especially for people unfamiliar with certain subjects. Seems to be the perfect site, with clean and educational content. I can't find anything I don't like. Navigation is easy, no pop-ups. I’m bookmarking it!”

“Response has been astounding,” states Clinton Douglas IV, CEO and co-founder of “Many subscribers have told us that they are elated to read something different and entertaining. We’ve always aspired to offering our website visitors new and innovative ways to fulfill their dreams. The e-magazine is just one more step toward this vision.”

The company invites everyone to join its free e-magazine and gain exclusive access to news, articles and opportunities. Readers learn about exotic Caribbean destinations, hot urban get-aways, great winter resorts and private retreats. The company guarantees ethical email practices and stringent privacy policies. will never share, sell or compromise subscribers’ personal data. Readers may opt-out at any time, for any reason with absolutely no questions asked. “The sooner you sign-up, the stronger your chances are in winning a free* vacation package. We receive hundreds of new subscribers every week.”

Editors and publishers are also invited to review the site, with free advertising opportunities available for participants. To sign-up for the company’s new travel e-magazine, visit





Launched in 2001,, pronounced  vahs · roo meaning ‘journey to your dreams’, realized more than 1.2 million page hits and astounding first-year gross sales using aggressive marketing and promotional efforts. Since this time, the company has grown and expanded its offerings, staying true to its goal of simplifying its customer’s life and offering an exceptional shopping experience. It aims to become one of the worlds’ largest Internet search portals.


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